SCE81826NC Integrated AEG Fridge Freezer

Product Description

A stunning meal starts with impeccable ingredients, lovingly sourced and prepared fresh from the earth. Our Twintech system ensures your produce is stored at the optimum temperature and humidity levels, meaning fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresh for longer, ensuring the flavours that nature provided live on in every bite.


  • Control the Fridge Freezer's All Settings

The temperature display with advanced Touch Controls lets you take full control of the storage conditions of your food. The controls are so sensitive that you can adjust the settings precisely with just the lightest touch of a finger. The display relays the current temperature and functions needed.

  • Bright & Even Light That Shines Into All Corners Of Your Fridge

LED Lights represent the most cutting edge lighting technology, which is why AEG-Electrolux has integrated them inside the fridge freezer. The Internal LED lighting produces a brighter light, which shines evenly across the entire space. Plus LED technology is smaller an more energy efficient, for more space inside and low electricity bills.

  • Fridge Freezer With an Open and Shut Case

Leaving your Fridge or Freezer door open results in wasted energy and rising temperatures, potentially causing food to spoil. That's why these doors are designed to close all on there own if you leave them open accidentally - Softly, quietly and precisely 

  • Perfectly Fresh Food - Straight From Your Freezer

The FastFreeze function activates the maximum freezing power, so your fresh food produce freezes as quickly as possible. The freezer then returns to it's normal setting.

  • Quickly Reach Optimum Temperature Of The Refrigerator For Your Fresh Food

The Coolmatic function brings your fresh food down to the optimum temperature quickly and efficiently. The function of the fridge  switches off automatically when the job is done.

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