Materia Essenza

New Kitchen Concept

With the new collection, Materia and Essenza, the architect Giuseppe Sessa expresses a new concept of cuisine. The need to create a new collection comes from a careful assessment of how new lifestyles, new needs and trends in living living spaces place the kitchen furniture in close contact with the environment that hosts it. The kitchen should no longer be a piece of furniture that satisfies only the technical need of cooking as an end in itself, but a piece of furniture that integrates and communicates with the surrounding architectural space. Materia and Essenza, the new models born in the Vama house, are characterised by a strong expressive aesthetic character thanks to the Nanotech Matt Material treated with acrylic resins for the first and to the last-generation veneer of wood for the second. The two covering materials can be applied not only to the cabinet but also to other architectural elements, thus obtaining an effect of complete material and chromatic continuity between furniture and architecture.

The new creations, promising interesting and innovative results and respond, on the one hand to the architect's desire to realise this new design thought, and on the other, the will of Vama to be transported in this new project experience, with the hope of arouse emotions and innovations in the market in which it operates.

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