KMK721000M Solo Microwave & Grill Compact AEG Oven

Product Description

Crisp up a crust at the touch of a button with our Microwave with Grill function. From the crispy topping on a lasagne to the crackable lid of a crème brûlée, recreate the textures and tastes of slow oven cooking with the speed and efficiency of a microwave. Defrosting and heating functions also help to dish up fantastic flavours that surpass even the most elevated expectations.


  • Save Space Without Compromising on Functionality

This compact microwave oven allows you to successfully cook, grill, re-heat or any dish at the same high performance level as a larger model. As a result you can get the most out of your cooking space and prepare a wide variety of dishes all in one compact appliance.

  • A Quicker Way To Toast & Crisp

This highly efficient grill takes less time than traditional ovens, and will toast, crisp or brown your dishes to precision.

  • Gourmet Greatness Guaranteed, With A Little Professional Help

Featuring a large LCD display, this intuitive oven guarantees gourmet greatness every time using the recipe assist function. By automatically adjusting the time and temperature settings to a wide range of foods, it means you're in complete control of your cooking, whether it's supper for two or a dinner party with friends.

  • Low Door Temperature For Safe Interaction

Thanks to the Safe to Touch Plus door, the outside of the oven door is kept at a low temperature securing safe interaction.

  • Spotless Clean Surface 

The anti-fingerprint coating on the metal prevents ugly, greasy fingerprints from marking the surface. As a result, your appliance will look perfectly clean all of the time.

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