Bugatti - Diva Evolution Espresso Machine, Orange

Product Description

Non-Stop Cappuccino!
Diva evolution: no more waiting to enjoy perfect-tasting cappuccinos and coffees!
At long last, you can prepare and serve coffees and cappuccinos non-stop at work, or at home with friends, just like at the coffee-shop. In a single gesture, coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, teas and herbal teas are ready immediately. 
It can be used with coffee-pods or powder.

Product Features

  • Designer: Andreas Seegatz
  • Dimensions: 24X36,5 cm
  • Code: 15-EDIVAO
  • Finish: Shiny plain colour
  • Technical information: volt 220-240 - 50 Hz - watt 1700 - electric vibration pump: 15 atm - tank: 0,8 l

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