Blum - 30cm wide Space Tower

Product Description

Blum ANTARO Space Tower - A perfect tall unit storage solution that can fitted to any appropriate larder cabinet. It features individual drawer boxes that fully utilise the space, with a total storage capacity of 150KG. Each pull out drawer operates on Tandem runners, for effortless operation and soft closing.

Product Features

  • Accessibility

Blum ANTARO drawers on full extension runners can be opened individually to provide a perfect view of stored items, further more they can be easily accessed from all three sides.

  • Flexible Storage

Space Tower makes best possible use of the available storage space. High-sided, closed drawer boxes ensure that provisions are stored securely, whilst flexible inner dividing systems can be used to organise and securely hold stored items in place. Each pull-out can hold 30KG, for a combined total weight capacity of 150KG.

  • Cross Divider

(Optional Extra) helps to further organise your storage space by dividing up each pull out. This can be really handy as it allows you categorise the storage space, giving you an extra degree of flexibility.

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