AEG - Fusion Wok

Product Description

Harnessing the power and precision of induction technology, the Fusion Wok represents the perfect marriage between beauty and functionality. It’s perfect for all traditional rounded wok cooking methods: stir-frying, braising, simmering and other techniques to really bring out the flavours. Its sophisticated ergonomic design not only looks stunning, but also means you can use traditional movements to stir fry - while induction heats the wok faster and more efficiently than gas.

Product Features

  • Wok set with support ring, idea for serving at the table.
  • Ideal for stir frying, sautéing, simmering and braising.
  • All the advantages of wok cooking with the speed and energy-efficiency of induction technology.
  • Designed for AEG MaxiSense® induction hobs.

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